Shopping Street of Sugamo Togenuki JIZO Avenue.
Togenuki means thorn-pulling.
Kogan-ji Temple (高岩寺) -Sugamo Togenuki Jizo-son (Toshima Ward, Tokyo)

Ojizousan or Jizo is the stone statue of a child of buddha,
which is the ancient guardian deity of block of the town.

Derivation of Togenuki Jizo.

In the Edo era,
One of a Bushi’s wife was suffering from a disease and almost dying.
The Bushi dreamed one night, Jizo appeared on his pillow’s side and Jizo gave him a divine message.
Like this “Flow ten thousand pieces of printed paper of Jizo’s figure.”.
After that his wife recovered from sickness after he obeyed Jizo’s message.
This is beginning of “Mikage(御影)” the temple distributed it.
Furthermore, there was a legendary and interesting story.
One of Mouri family’s maid mistakenly swallowed a needle and at the same time, she swallowed “Mikage of Jizo Bosatsu” at the same time.
Finally she could vomit the needle out with “Mikage”.
The needle got stuck on “Mikage”.

MIkage (御影)

MIkage (御影)

Name of “Togenuki Jizo” is originated from that story.
This story were spread out by many people as they believe that there are some benefits of healing for other sickness.
Even until now, too many people come here especially elder people for getting some benefits of their health.

This street “Shopping Street of Sugamo Togenuki JIZO Avenue” is called “Obaacnan no Harajuku” because elder female people is visiting at place.
There are so many kinds of shops and restaurants in the street.
The worshipers enjoy shopping and to eat something in the restaurant around there is also their purpose.

“Arai Kannon(洗い観音)”

A stone statue standing in the temple is “Sho Kannon” so-called “Arai Kannon”.
The people can get some benefits if they wash or wipe with a wet towel at the part of your body you want to heal.




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