We can see Seven Gods of Fortune if you’ll visit to Kamakura! You may get good fortune.
Seven Gods of Fortune bring you good things.

We joined the tour and visited the “Seven Gods of Fortune” site in Kamakura.
The tour is entitled “Seven Gods of Fortune” site hopping “鎌倉七福神めぐり/Kamakura Shichi-fuku-jin Meguri”.

We call “Seven Gods of Fortune” Shichi-fuku-jin (七福神).
“Shichi-fuku-jin (七福神)” is the group which consists of seven Gods. The Seven Gods have each character, meaning, history, story, and features.

Seven Gods of Fortune

宝船【The Treasure Ship – Takara Bune】

It has been said that the belief of Seven Gods of Fortune has started in Muromachi era.

Shichifukujin (七福神) in English.
【The Seven Lucky Gods】
【Seven Gods of Fortune】
【The seven Deities of Good Fortune】

We are going to tell you about “Seven Gods of Fortune” according to a sequence we visited.

1 浄智寺(Jouchi-Ji) Jouchi-temple【布袋尊 Hoteison】

Hotei is a model of priest Shakukaishi (釈契此 Shakukaishi) who actually existed in the end of Tou era in China.
He was named “Hotei” because he had a big belly and was always carrying a big bag on his back. It’s said that he is the Buddhahood of freedom.
He is the God of “flood of customers (千客万来 Senkyakubanrai)”, “the prosperity of family fortunes (家運隆盛 Kaunryusei)”, “family happiness (家庭円満 Kateienman)” and “business prosperity (商売繁盛 Shobaihanjo)”.

布袋 Hotei: God of Cleverness

2、鶴岡八幡宮 (Tsuruoka hatimanguu)・旗上弁財天社 (Hataage benzaitensha)【弁財天 Benzaiten】

Benzaiten was basically the God of water in India who was the God of “good fortune” and “proficiency of performing arts”. She is the only woman of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

弁財天 Benzaiten: God of Beauty

3、宝戒寺 (Houkai-ji) Houkai-temple【毘沙門天 Bishamonten】

Bishamonten was one of the members of the four guardians who guard Shumisen and he was called “Tamonten” as well. He is known as “the God of sound health” who can accomplish our wish of casting out our illnesses.

毘沙門天 Bishamonten: God of Success
The four guardians lived in each direction with Shumisen in the middle. Each guardian lived in each direction: east, west, south, north. Jikokuten was living in east side, Zoujouten was living in the south side, Koumokuten was living in the west side, Tamonten (Bishamonten) was living in north side. Bishamonten is also called the God of “accumulation of wealth and fame” because of keeping the treasures in the north side.

4、妙隆寺(Myouryuu-ji) Myouryuu-temple【寿老人 Juroujin】

Juroujin is the God of “good health”, “longevity” and “happiness” who was supposed to be the incarnation of polestar which was prayed health and peace by the emperor of China. Gray hair and cane, having a deer is his feature.

寿老人 Jyurojin: God of Health

5、本覚寺(Hongaku-ji) Hongaku-temple【夷尊神 Ebisusonjin】

Ebisushin(夷神) is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japan who is said to be “child of Izanagi and Izanami” or “Hiruko”.
He is deeply related with fishermen, so he is believed by people as God of “big catch”, “business prosperity” and “better fortune”.

恵比寿 Ebisu: God of Development

江ノ電 【Enoden】

6、御霊神社(Goryou-jinja) Goryou-shrine (権五郎神社 Gongorou-jinja) Gongorou-shrine 【福禄寿 Fukurokuju】

The god of wealth and longevity, called “fukuroku”.
Fukurokuju who derive from Doukyo of China and who was added member of “Seven Gods of Fortune” as a representative of benevolence God who has “good fortune”, “wealth” and “longevity”. His feature is short, long bald head and gray beard with crane.

福禄寿 Fukurokujyu: God of Happiness

7、長谷寺 (Hasedera) Hase-temple【大黒天 Daikokuten】

Though “Daikokuten” is God of war, or God of kitchen in China, he was enshrined emphatically wealthy in Japan. He is the God of “promotion”, “better fortune”, “happiness” and “food”.

大黒天 Daikokuten: God of Wealth

“Seven Gods of Fortune” site hopping tour has been held by Kamakura Guide Kyokai. There are many kinds of courses which can feel and touch history, culture and rich nature.




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