“Translates your name into Cool Katakana Japanese!”

■□■ katakana name ■□■

We started new service!
“Translates your name into Cool Katakana Japanese!”

katakana name


If you want to have katakana name.
Please feel free to ask us!

We’ll create your Katakana name from your name.

katakana name

He already have it!

His English name is Bob, we created his Katakana name.
It’s ボブ!
So cool! isn’t it ?



Even kids have own Katakana name !

Ethan looks pretty happy !


katakana name


Matthew finally got his own Katakana name for free here !


katakana name

Olivia made HER own “Hanko” based on her Katakana name.


katakana name Hanko

“Hanko” is used on official documents instead of signatures.

We call it “Hanko” or “Inkan”.

Sometimes call it “Hanko stamps” in English for foreigners.

”Hanko” or “Hanko stamp” is a seal in English. It is a kind of printing stamps used instead of signatures in any items requiring acknowledgment or authorship, such as personal documents, office paperwork, contracts, and so on. It is sometimes called “Inkan”.

Katakana name Hanko Stamps

There are many kinds of “Hanko”,

so the price varies based on the material used, size, and how it was made.

To make Katakana name is for free.
Please fill out application form below if you want.




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