This is my funny experience.

Let me explain before I narrate it.
In side of the SENTO are separated by two areas exclusively for men we called it “OTOKO-YU(男湯)” and for women we called it “ONNA-YU(女湯)“.
And I’m just letting you know this in advance, I’m a man.

Once upon a time I had been to the “ONNA-YU” with my mom when maybe I was a child around 6 years old or 7.

I was washing my hair and body side by side with my mom as a ordinary days.
Suddenly woman’s screaming voice came into my ear and then I looked at the direction where the voice coming from.
Next moment, a boy who is younger than me at that time began to cry very loudly.
His mother continue to scold him and she is doing something in the hot water.
First I didn’t notice what she does.
I tried to watch more carefully what she is doing.

The mother was picking up something and gathering something very eagerly from the bath tub while she was scolding her son.
Then surprisingly it was the thing which was her boy’s poo.
The boy already had done the poo in the bath tub we use.
Oh! we can’t use anymore.
I also wanted to cry! rather than her son.

She was gathering them using a round plastic wash basin from hot water and she was packing them into her soap case.
After that she apologized to us sincerely and she left.
I don’t know why but I just felt a little bit sad inside my mind when I saw this incident.


*It used to be allowed a little children to enter in both areas. but I’m not sure about recent situation.
That time if little girl come to the SENTO with her dad she is going to the “OTOKO-YU” it means that it depends on who will accompany her.



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