A “SENTO” is a Japanese public bath.
I think that I don’t need to explain to you about SENTO’s basic information because other websites already introduced about that in full detail.
So this time I’m going to share some cautions, and my opinions, and my experiences about recent situations of Japanese public places.


Please don’t forget one thing it’s very important!

You have to show your bare body there to people inside because you have to take off all your clothes before you go into the hot water.
I also have experienced that for years.
You are probably reluctant to do when you are a first timer but eventually you’ll get used to it then it will be very comfortable for you to communicate with people there easily.
Now let’s show off your excellent bare body!
That’s real pleasure of the SENTO.
Could be…

Layout of the SENTO’s inside.

I had been there almost everyday when I was child however now I hesitate to go there because I have some tattoos.
In Japan, I think that rules in public places have become very strict these days.
Especially in public baths, hot spring, public pools, even some beaches.
When I went overseas I could see young guys with tatoos, even some elder women have it too.
I felt that it’s nice and that’s the freedom and I thought that some of Japanese mind and perception about tattoo is still very conservative.
So if you want to go to some public places you should check that places in advance.
I don’t want to make you unpleasant here in Japan if you have a tattoo.

This time I want to introduce a funny story I experienced.
But you may hesitate to go to the SENTO after you read it.
Please read!⇒This is my funny experience in the “SENTO”.

I can sometimes see an information like this on some website of the resort hotels with hot spring and an information of the resort hotels and some public places.


“We definitely refuse to enter to our facility those who people have a tattoo.
(It’s oversea style’s tattoo and Japanese style’s tattoo even body painting and tattoo stickers.
We drive out the people from here when we found out them and this case we don’t refund.)”

I felt so sad when I saw such an information and it’s a form of discrimination isn’t it?
but…⇒Read more about Tatoo(Irezumi 入れ墨)

Please don’t get comfuse about “SENTO(銭湯)” “ONSEN(温泉)is hot spring.” “SUPER SENTO(スーパー銭湯)” each of them are different and they have peculiarity:
A SENTO has reasonable price and its usually can be found in the local neighborhood.
A SUPER SENTO is bigger than SENTO and there are many kinds of baths and facility you can enjoy there long time for a longer period of time.
Some “SENTO” and “SUPER SENTO” have natural hot spring facility.

Those are very informative and helpful sites about the SENTO.
If you want to go and to know about it more please visit them below.
Wikipedia Sentō
Sento Guide

Try to find out the SENTO if you come to Japan or living in Japan.
And try to experience that if you don’t mind.



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