Do you like money? Of course I like it, but money don’t like me probably.

Zeniarai Benzaiten

However, I have a good information for the people who really like it. Do you want to increase your money? Of course I want to do it but then I already tried it.

Increase Money

Moreover, I’ll tell you the place. It’s a unique shrine where is located in Kamakura.

The shrine is Zeniarai Benzaiten ‘銭新井弁財天’.

Zeniarai Benzaiten 銭洗弁財天

If you want to increase your money, you should visit the shrine. Wash and rinse your money. A lot of people tried it and is believed to purify and could bring you more.

This is a real story. One sunny day, I went there and I washed my coins and bills. After a few days I bought a lottery with the money I washed. Surprisingly, I won the lottery. However, I deliberately won’t tell you how much money I won.”

To easily locate and get you to the shrine, first, exit west of kamakura station. It takes 20 minutes on foot. For convenience, you also have a choice of riding a rickshaw.

Kamakura Station  West Exit

Along the way, there are signposts for directions, including Zeniarai Benzaiten which is so easy to find.

Zeniarai Benzaiten

It’s rickshaw. To enjoy a ride with a rickshaw, you can book and check for more details through this link. → ▽
EBISUYA’s Rickshaw

Rickshaw in Japan.

You will see the entrance of the shrine.

Zeniarai Bwnzaiten

You are now in Zeniarai Benzaiten.

Zeniarai Benzaiten 銭洗弁財天

Let’s go inside. What is that shining on the other side?

Zeniarai Benzaiten

To be continue,
See you next time.
Zeniarai Benzaiten ‘銭洗弁財天’ vol.2

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