Do you really want to get a tattoo?

This is the current Japanese situation about tattoo and just my opinions.
These days, there are some people who try to remove their tattoo and to spend a huge amount of money more than when they have gotten their tattoos because of some regrets. I think those people are really pitiful.

I manage to understand their thinking that they made a decision to remove it because of inevitable reasons. But I wonder how strong resolution they had when they got a tattoo? They made scars on their own body which was given by parents, and moreover they endured hard pains to get tattoos, I can’t understand their mind that they don’t have any fondness for their tattoos. However in my case, I don’t have any regrets to have gotten it because I have a responsibility for my attitude. I don’t say that they don’t have any responsibility for they life, though.

Although they were looked coldly by someone, they were discriminated by others and it’s also restricted in their workplace. Thanks to their tattoo they couldn’t get a job they wanted which at first place they were fond of having it but now that feeling turned into hatred. I want them to realize that once they made a scar on their body which was given by their parents but now they’ll have another scar on its body again because they remove it.

Take for example the following:
People who have no tattoo means no scar.
People who have a tattoo means one scar.
People who removed tattoo even if their skin looks clean still considered as two scars.
Newest technology can remove it very beautifully and it doesn’t leave any scars. However scar is scar.

Maybe, they will get a bright future because of the situation, which could make their parents happy, could get marry, would not feel ashamed to their children, and to get a job would change everything that’s the reason why they were forced to do a considerably circuitous route. Although I don’t think that it’s troubled in various ways and to make a detour is a bad thing. Exaggerated way of speaking, I believe that it ends up changing its life more or less.
That’s why, I want to say that “Don’t get it if you will remove it! “.


I want you to deliberate that whether it’s a really necessary for you or not when you thought that “I wanna get a tattoo”.
Honestly, I think that a merit of having tattoo is equal to 0 because it’s just a self-satisfaction after all.

It will absolutely comes the time when you regret it after that without you having a strong resolution which associates with ultimate self-satisfaction forever. Although there are some people who have a tattoo whom their intention is just for fashion, it’s a necessary that you should think about tattoo is not easy to remove like changing clothes.

It’s like when the life starts, again it is impossible, also as for the tattoo, a fresh start is not possible either!
That’s why, please ask yourself whether you are or you are not really sorry before getting a tattoo.

I’m awfully sorry about Japanese situation which have a tattoo because it needs to think deeply before getting a tattoo. I think that it’s fair and it doesn’t matter if people have tattoos or not.



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