In old Japan, a tattoo is a sign of criminal record but it is just a historical background now.

Nowadays, people with tattoo tend to increase because of the influences of people who are celebrity, musician, models and other famous people. In addition, at the fashion industry, some shop staffs are working at their shop not hiding their tattoo. That’s why tattoo is getting more popular than before.

On the other hand, in some public places, for example public bath (we called “SENTO”), hotels, public pool and or even some parts of beaches have restricted admission rules because there are some people who consider tattoo as a symbol of being related to the gangster (we called “Yakuza”), so it cause panic and fear to the people around them.


You may see this sign if you go there.
Don’t feel shitty please.

Unfortunately, as a matter of fact people with tattoo are having a hard time to get jobs in high-end companies, public institutions and in the field of education. In addition, there is a possibility of having troubles when the person with tattoo decided to get marry because of the bad reputation of having a tattoo. For that reason, not a few people with tattoo regretted having it because of temporary impulsive action. Although it’s hard to imagine in Japan, we can see many people with tattoo who are very active in any places and many kinds of industry in foreign countries. So I end up thinking that Japan is still conservative.

How do you feel about the conservative situation in Japan regarding with tattoos?
Don’t you think that it will be a big disadvantage for Japan hosting Olympics this 2020, who discriminate people who have tattoos including foreigners who have reasons for racial or cultural situation and doesn’t have any intentions to frighten other people?

These days, one of a luxury hotel chain announced that a person who have tattoo can be allowed to bathe, if they can cover their tattoo with the given sticker which has a size of 10 centimeter by 8 centimeters prepared by each customers. In this way, the acceptance of having a tattoo in Japan is changing little by little.



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