I knew that place is always crowded because I’ve been there many times before, And it’s been a while since the last time I walked to reach that place, so I’ve decided to walk again going there for a change.
Maybe until around ten years ago, most people there were elder people because “Togenuki-Jizo-Avenue” was a very popular place for them.
But I noticed that there are many young people and even foreigners at this time.
This place has become a popular tourist spot not only elders.

And I found many interesting things there.
One of the shop there is selling red things most of it are undergarments.
marujiSugamo Maruji 巣鴨のマルジ

The Hello Kitty's shorts for women!

The Hello Kitty’s shorts for women!

Red Shorts for men!

Red Shorts for men!

Do you wanna try them?
It’s said that red underwear have some good effects.
How or what?
People wearing it will get a good luck and a vitality.
Do you believe that?
And are there any superstitious things in your country?

Actually one of Japanese comedian who is “Chihara Jr.” is always wearing red one.

And another legendary person whose name is “Giant Baba” also had worn it.
He had also played an active part in professional wrestling.

He had also played an active part in professional wrestling.
Giant Baba is one of the most famous professional wrestler.

Do you want to know about him more?
please read his Wikipedia. HERE⇒Giant Baba Wikipedia in English.

Unfortunately, I don’t know girls who is always wearing red underwear.

Of course I found something else here too. NEXT ⇒

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