He is a vocalist of “Re-Arise”.
“RONNIE JAMES DIO” is his hero.dioken
Of course his favorite vocalist is Ronnie James Dio, and his first name is Ken that’s why he has named himself “DIOKEN“.
He is my friend too.
He is the one of my admirable and favorite vocalist. His voice is strong and powerful but sometimes soft. He can sing many genre of songs. You should listen to his voice if you like 70’s and 80’s rock or hard rock songs. He has also his own band named “Re-Arise”. Of course I strongly recommend you listen to Re-Arise sounds. In addition, he has joined some cover bands of legendary rock bands. For example “a-DIO-s” as DIO, “Rainbow Knights” as Rainbow, “THE LIBERATION” as JOURNEY, “ZEN with Nastyhabichu” as MOTLEY CRUE “SMG” as MSG. So you can get a chance to listen and watch the concert of a legendary bands near likeness.
He is co-starring with many famous musicians of the world.
I’m so jealous! Because I used to be a singer and I’m proud of him.

The event HEADSTRONG FES was held last summer and he performed as the vocalist of “SABBRABELLS”.

When I first met him, he was playing with Hiroaki Tagawa at “Live Bar X.Y.Z.→A” in Hachiouji.

Anyway, he is singing this bar’s song. Please listen to it!  

Maybe, you can see him there until now If you’re lucky. He is very gentle and frank, and his musical knowledge is very profound so I’m sure you can enjoy to talk with him.

“Rainbow Knights” as Rainbow

“a-DIO-s” as DIO

“SMG” as MSG

Source of a Quote:
All of pictures from his Facebook ⇒ Dio Ken Facebook.


Trivial Information:
He likes to drink alcohol and he drinks any alcohol a lot. I think he is drinking anytime without singing. His voice is strong and probably his liver is also strong.
Anyway he is a good man!

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